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There are times in life's journey when things don't go well....we may lose the use of an arm, temporarily or permanently.  DON'T LET THAT KEEP YOU FROM PLAYING MUSIC!!!!

Some  months ago I developed right shoulder problems which were painful and limiting my ability to perform on the piano including occasional numbness in my fingers.  Fortunately before that happened, I had completed the numbers for the first CD, and had completed 3 numbers toward the second disc which will be coming at a later date.   After 6 weeks rest with no piano didn't alleviate the problem, tests showed torn rotator cuff and a bone spur which called for surgery ...which then underwent in June.   I had been scheduled to perform on midi keyboard July 3rd....... What to do????  Not perform?!?    David Darling reminded me of a past concert pianist who lost rhe use of his right arm for 30 years!  He began to perform compositions written for him for the left hand only.  Ravel is well-known for his Piano Concerto for the left hand only.  This saved the day!!! and gave me great pleasure...I had been too distraught to think and remember even Ravel! whose work I know very well.  What followed were 2 new compositions and an improvisation of an earlier work for the left hand only....and on July 3, 2009, I performed those 3 numbers.  It was great fun!  My shoulder is recovering beautifully, the pain is gone and I can once again perform without inhibitions on the piano.  I plan to resume recording for the second album later in October.

One of these compositions, "Adagio in e minor" for the  left hand only can be seen at link below- (you will see that my right arm is in an immoblizer)

                            Assam 2009, Jacqueline T Bhuyan at below link


A second site, shows both the "Adagio" performance as well as the 2nd number, the "Largo in D flat Major (sorry, the last line of this number is cut off)...view/listen at:

                             Assam 2009-Piano-Jacqueline Bhuyan


These numbers were performed at the 2009 Assam Convention and filmed by various audience members....and various admirers have posted them on several sites....I did not know they were going to do this, but consider it an honor.

Remember always, a journey starts with one step.........................

And, the building of a mountain begins with one grain of sand....and another...and another....(Picture taken at Eldorado Canyon, Colorado, near my home in Westminster, Colorado)...J. Bhuyan

And the ancient Chinese saying that a mountain is moved one stone at a time.

           Copyright 2010 by Jacqueline Tschabold Bhuyan.  All Rights Reserved.